Captains Zoetrope’s Musical Mind Palace

In the year 2001, Quantum Scientist, Local Radio DJ and renowned Interdimensional Explorer, Captain Zoetrope, was placed in suspended animation as part of a top-secret East Yorkshire-based programme to navigate time and dream space. 

Unfortunately, due to spiralling costs and lack of interest, the experiment was mothballed, and the Captain was left in two quantum states: simultaneously awake and asleep. 

As he lays motionless in a storage facility in the Avenues area of Hull, he is able to communicate his thoughts, ideas and his radio show via aging Bluetooth technology.  

Self-described as a “sonic collage” of obscure, weird, fun, popular and occasionally awful songs, spanning the history of recorded music, the Captain will take you on a journey of discovery, wonder and confusion. 

He’ll be playing tunes from across the ages, concentrating on the less popular but the more musically astute artistes of all time. So if you like your music a bit different, mixed with a hint of the strange and shaken around in an imaginary labyrinth of mayhem, then join us on the last Thursday of the month between 10 p.m. and midnight.

Join him as he continues to broadcast from various points across time, reality and the fluid regions of the unconscious in….Captains Zoetrope’s Musical Mind Palace.

Exclusively available on West Hull FM 106.9 and online (whatever that means). 

Stay safe, enjoy life and embrace the strange!